Get carried away by the magic of Italian Middle Age during the Crusades, become fascinated by the history of KNIGHTS OF MALTA based in Italy-Apulia before setting sail to Jerusalem.


The Knights’ story goes through the centuries: the land of Apulia was a second home for the Knights of Malta finding there the ideal place to stay before embarking for the Middle East. Older Order than the Templars, the interest in these knights' missions and history has remained unchanged through the centuries and there are many legends to be told. Between fiction and reality, we will take you to an adventure looking for secrets, caves, treasures and castles.


  • The tour can be done by hiking or by horse riding.
  • Inclusions: guide, tasting of local products.
  • DURATION: 2 H (+1 h opt. beach stop)


For more information: missing@missingitalia.com





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