Located on Sardinia’s south-western coast, you can quickly recognise San Pietroisland for its rugged cliffs and coastline full of wonderful coves.You can find a beautiful natural landscape with a bright blue sky of a tropical island. Sunrises and sunsets here are unbelievably beautiful. The tiny island is rich in history and boasts interesting sites to visit and gorgeous unspoiled beaches to relax, enough to make it inevitably attractive for anyone organising Sardinia holidays any time of the year.




1. San Pietro island is a fantastic place in Sardinia for many sports. Diving, snorkelling, fishing, swimming are some of the best San Pietro island activities you can do in summer or even winter if you are an offbeat and adventurous traveller. From the beautiful La Conca bay to the romantic Cala Vinagra, the small inlets opening from San Pietro island’s ragged shores make for fantastic beaches for swimming, sunbathing and obviously taking pictures. Then the pristine Girin and Guidi beaches, Bobba & Punta Nera, La Caletta, Cape Sandalo, and the gorgeous Punta delle Oche cave. Hiking & biking: San Pietro Island isn’t exactly mountainous (the highest peak is little over 200 meters), yet it is a great place for hiking and there are many many trails giving you amazing views. A specific app has been created to try all the paths.


2. Stroll through the streets of Carloforte, the only village in San Pietro Island. Walk around its ancient fortified walls, peek at the architecture and be surprised by the incredible similarities with Genova and the towns of The Riviera coast. From the streets to the food to the language, here everything will remind you of Genova, near Cinque Terre. It all dates back to the 16th century when fishermen and traders from Genoa left their initial settlement in Tunisia and founded Carloforte in San Pietro Island.


3.Try the food: in Carloforte, food is good. More than an assertion, it is almost an axiom.  Visitors who have tasted it know, and those who have never been to the town have heard from the news and by word of mouth from those who have been here.  But it is not only the delicacy of the dishes that have made Carloforte famous and renowned for its cuisine: it is their originality and unique special ingredients.  In Carloforte you can enjoy some foods that you could not taste anywhere else, because they can't be found outside the island:  various preparations of tuna entrails, or the special Carloforte couscous knows as casca’, or the peculiar gallette marinare, a type of cracker that sailors and fisherman used to eat. Ask us for street food tours or cooking lessons!


4. History & culture: The Multimedia Museum: is dedicated to the history of the Island of San Pietro. It is a high-tech museum that uses touch screens and 3D simulations to offer the public an overview of the history of the island, from its geological birth to the founding of the first settlements in 1738. The Museum of the Sea is set on the first building erected by the Genova population settled in the island, it tells the history of the community that settled there after leaving Tabarka in Tunisia. You will see the documents of the settlements, objects linked to their age-old tradition of tuna fishing, and a collection of Mediterranean shells among the other things.


5. The tuna route: ever since 1738, when the Tabarchini arrived on the island of San Pietro and founded Carloforte, they were the only ones fishing the bluefin tuna. Tuna fishing is an ancient practice. The first tuna fishing techniques were created by the Phoenicians, first along the Spanish coast and then in Sardinia, along the route that the tuna usually follow in the spring season, when moving from the Atlantic Ocean in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea to reproduce.


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